Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Happy Birthday to Me

Wow, has it really been four months since I last wrote here? Well, I guess not that much has been happening lately. I finished up national service about 2 months ago and am now working at a pub-restaurant at the moment where I cook/waiter/bartend. I'll prob talk about that in another post soon (if I actually get to one =P).

Anyhoo, like I mentioned, it's my birthday today (well, yesterday to be exact, but I haven't slept yet so it doesn't count as another day). Thanks to all the peeps who gave me shout outs. Appreciate it. =)

I've actually been pretty sick these last couple of days, no doubt thanks to the overpacked weekend I had (again, to be covered later). Been down with cough, flu and fever. Feeling better now, though.

Oh, oh, oh. Just got back from watching Fabe at the PartyWorld Singing Competition quarter-finals (I think?), and man, he really is quite a good singer. Think he blew most of the other contestants out of the water, though a couple others were good too. Here's a video of his performance:

Congrats, Bro!!!

Hmm..didn't realise the resolution was so low. Jan might have a better res video. Anyhoo, better head off to bed. Need to go visit the doctor tomorrow, followed by an interview in the afternoon, then back to the pub at night for work.


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