Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Talk about a freaky coincidence.

I saw wins advertising his photo gallery on his MSN nick, and went over to take a look. Guess what? Not only is he using Coppermine (not toosurprising; Coppermine is quite popular), but the way he labels his categories and albums is almost exactly the same as I do.

Okay, maybe that may not be so freaky to you, but it sure is to me...

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Janz said...

tell me abt hotel room door was half opened when i went back from dinner last nite..

i was damn sure i pulled the door tightly and also, it's almost impossible to leave it open! we tried but there is the spring thingy to push it and lock it how the hell did it manage ti stay half ajar???? luckily nothing was missing, and we din 'see' anything!