Sunday, January 22, 2006

Two down, two to go

Did two camps last week; one for Saints and one for Trekkers.

I'd forgotten how tiring doing back-to-back camps can be. Plus the fact that the second one was the St. Pat's Sec2 camp (which is 3 full days instead of 2.5), these two camps really left me exhausted by the time the weekend came. I also lost my voice on Thursday night, so I've been talking funny for a few days now.

The good news doesn't end there. I also managed to break my Fila runners (the sole came off in the mud), so I ended up spending a fair bit of my pay on a new pair of Aasics runners. Then I decided I (naturally) didn't want to bring my new shoes to camp, so I went and bought a pair of booties for the coming camps. So I'm pretty much left with 3/5 of what I earned.

There've also been many small changes in the way things are run and conducted, and the place itself. Many new faces as well; I only know perhaps two or three out of the twenty-plus instructors working for each camp.

Still, it's been altogether a pleasant experience returning to camps after three years, at least for this short period of time before the army comes knocking on my door. Going into camp tomorrow morning (7am..groan..) for another two back-to-back. Here's hoping I don't totally lose my voice. =)

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Going camping

Went to Zouk on Friday. Heard they underwent renovations, but nothing seems that different. Didn't manage to make the 10pm deadline, so had to pay the exorbitant price of $28 just for cover (though it included 2 free drinks). I miss Melbourne and being able to get freelist.

Anyway, maybe it's because we were there early, but it was extremely unhappening; the place was only half full, and no one was dancing. We were going to wait for a bigger crowd to turn up, but something cropped up and we left soon after. Meh.

So anyhoo, I'll be away till Friday doing camp for Saints and Trekkers. Hopefully these couple of days will be a good break away from home for me; a lot to think about lately. I don't even know what's going on around me anymore. Doing camps are always good because you're normally so busy you have little time to think about much else, and it normally leaves me refreshed and ready to return to normal life. Tiring though.

Anyway, guess I'll write again when I'm back from camp. =)

Thursday, January 12, 2006


I tried updating yesterday, but the connection died and all my words were lost. I really can't be bothered typing everything out again, so this is gonna be a point summary of what's been happening. =)

  • finally graduated on Dec13. ok affair, if a little boring. preferred the mock grad, when we had more time to muck around and take photos. slept through most of the ceremony. luckily, sitting next to kimi, who woke me up when it was our turn to go on stage. must remember to order grad photos.

  • returned to sg for good (for the forseeable future) on the 23rd. met up with some of the monash peeps for coffee that night. finally got to see the new house. mmmkay. need to get new furniture.

  • met up with gnuheeK, janz and renzi for dinner on xmas eve, then went to janz' place to hang, and check out her underground bachelorette pad. met up with oaks for drinks in the wee hours of the morning.

  • normal family xmas lunch thigie. standard affair, this year at our place. met up with a bunch of monash peeps at pigu's hotel room. she was down from kl with her family. ordered room service cos we were lazy.

  • on boxing day, met up with cms, xing and caigeren at xing's club. nice seeing them again. went for a swim and some pool-ultimat frisbee. met up with more monash peeps at marina sq sakae for dinner, then drinks at esplanade.

  • trs threw a xmas party thingie at his place, and most of us turned up. good food, great friends. watched infernal affairs trilogy. fell asleep halfway.

  • xing threw his annual xmas/ny party at his place up in woodlands. saw many familiar faces and old friends from the R days. this year's party seemed a lot tamer, though. maybe we're all getting older. =P

  • renzi's mum threw a NYE party at their place and we were all invited. the youngsters (i.e. us) adjourned to renzi's room after a while, where we held DS 1.5 (official). we didn't have our $8 friend, so we simply assigned penalties to dice rolls. lots of crazy fun.

  • met up with cms, wen, xing and jd for lunch at tanglin club on the 2nd. nice to finally meet up with wen. had a nice time catching up.

  • trs threw another party on the 2nd, this time a satay party. again, good food and great friends. watched Taxi (the french one) this time.

  • went for a week trip to m'sia from the 3rd to 10th. renzi and i took SBS 170 to larkin in jb where we met cw for dinner, and caught a bus to butterworth. met up with cheng at butterworth and she took the bus with us up to perlis to meet susu. hanged around perlis for a couple of days, the main highlight being our day trip across the border to thailand (hadyai). the 4 of us caught a bus back down to butterworth, where we again hung around for 2 days, mostly eating and shopping. met up with pei kei (cheng's friend) and yvonne. the 5 of us (with pk in tow) then took the bus down to kl to meet up with christie, lah, Vv, cw and siao-eh. siao-eh was uncontactable most of the trip (no roaming) and he owes us big time for booking us in an expensive hotel in the middle of the red light district. ;) met up with mkuku in kl, and spent most of our time shopping and eating again. eight of us (w/o siao-eh) then caught the bus back down to sg on the 10th, though cw dropped off at jb. overall a very eventful trip, with good food, good friends, good sights and good experiences. can't ask for much more. =)

  • cheng, susu and pk are visiting us in sg till saturday (putting up at renzi's). we went to the new MoS last night. no one told me it's in the cannery! kinda miss the place; haven't been there since the trekkers shop moved out. anyway, MoS is really big, and the drinks are pretty expensive (or maybe i'm just used to aussie and m'sia prices). besides that, nothing really spectacular. had fun though. =)

Yeah, guess that's it: my point summary of what's been happening in my life. Imagine how long the original post was. ;)