Sunday, January 22, 2006

Two down, two to go

Did two camps last week; one for Saints and one for Trekkers.

I'd forgotten how tiring doing back-to-back camps can be. Plus the fact that the second one was the St. Pat's Sec2 camp (which is 3 full days instead of 2.5), these two camps really left me exhausted by the time the weekend came. I also lost my voice on Thursday night, so I've been talking funny for a few days now.

The good news doesn't end there. I also managed to break my Fila runners (the sole came off in the mud), so I ended up spending a fair bit of my pay on a new pair of Aasics runners. Then I decided I (naturally) didn't want to bring my new shoes to camp, so I went and bought a pair of booties for the coming camps. So I'm pretty much left with 3/5 of what I earned.

There've also been many small changes in the way things are run and conducted, and the place itself. Many new faces as well; I only know perhaps two or three out of the twenty-plus instructors working for each camp.

Still, it's been altogether a pleasant experience returning to camps after three years, at least for this short period of time before the army comes knocking on my door. Going into camp tomorrow morning (7am..groan..) for another two back-to-back. Here's hoping I don't totally lose my voice. =)


Emma said...

The army? Huh? (Why is it that I'm always the dumb one around here?)

dodge said...

dude, i heard you missed paul? ahahahahaha... =D

and dude, mayb u can train your new boys into sensitive metrosexual fighting man like yourself? try dis for recruitment ads man:

" we dont jsut train you to kill people, we train you to kill people wif STYLE."