Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Army Daze

For those who've been a little confused, I'm due to resume my national service. See, over here we have to undergo compulsory national service for about two and a half years (back when I was eighteen; it's been since reduced to two years). I disrupted four years ago to head to Aussie to study, so I have to complete my remaining five and a half months now that I'm back.

So, I'm resuming service tomorrow. Meaning in a few hours time. Can't seem to sleep, for some reason. Anticipation, perhaps? I've been posted to MinDef (the Ministry of Defence) for the remainder of my term, which is both good and bad. The good part is it's stay-out, meaning I get to come home everyday. It's basically an eight-to-five-thirty office job.

The bad part is it's one and a half hours from home, and it's compulsory stay out. Given such a distance from home, I'd much rather just stay-in, and come out on the weekends. Such a hassle to travel back and forth everyday. Luckily Dad's able to give me a lift in the morning, but it's still a pain coming home after work.

I'm also hoping to start running in the morning (in my new Aasics shoes), which means I should be getting up at six to run. Which means I really should be sleeping right now.

Time to go back to lying on the bed.

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Good luck and dun be disappointed that u got an office job. Knowing u the way i do i knoe u would have prefered an outdoor-sy thing but jus jia-yu and take carez...