Wednesday, November 02, 2005

We've still got it...

Over Gtalk not two minutes ago:
Janz: hot water...and i cant take cold water
sth wrong with the heater
how r u
Scott: how're you?! i think i'm the only one who hasn't talked to you since monday :P
Janz: man
Scott: hey...was that a housemates moment? :P
Janz: was that a housemate gtalk moment
Scott: lol!!!!!!!!!!

Edit: Okay, apparently some people (read: Pris) don't get what's going on in the conversation above, so let me elaborate. The Happening Housemates (TM) define a Housemate Moment when two of us (and rarely, all three of us) say almost the same thing at the same time (see red words above). We've also had a few (extremely rare) True Housemate Moments when we say the exact same thing in the same tone, such that you're not actually sure whether the other person actually said something. Those are extremely rare and definitely a 4D/Tattslotto-worthy event. We attribute these occurrences to the fact that we spend way too much time with each other.

I hope that helps to clear things up.

On a separate note, this is making me miss you even more... :-/


SnowDemonDave said...

ah.. once housemates, always housemates, eh?


Been a while since ive last checked your blog.. seems like some weird people have hijacked you site! Anywayz g luck for exams dear... keep updating okie~ Take care

Janz said...

love ya housemates :) :) :)

take care...