Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Home and Away

Haven't posted in almost a week, mainly because I was away in Adelaide. I meant to leave a quick post before I left, but kinda forgot. Oops.

Anyway, Adelaide was good. Went with Trs, Rong and Renzi (aka Sketch). May write a little later about the trip. May not. We'll see.

Interestingly enough, I actually avoided connecting to the net after returning home on Sunday night. I haven't even checked my email yet. Hope nothing important in there. Not sure why I did this, but for some reason it felt kinda good. -shrugs-

Gonna be really busy in the next few days. Horseback riding, rock climbing, clubbing, gotta pack up my room and move furniture and get ready to leave this place for good. And then my parents will be here on Monday and we're off to Tassie. Then back here for graduation, then back to Sg permanently.


For some reason, I feel a lot less "whee" than I expected.
This is what I want, isn't it?

Anyway, going for a run (ok, stop laughing).
Busy day.

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dodge said...

ahahahahahahahahaha, lai running, ahahahahahahahahahahahaha