Friday, November 11, 2005

Presentation and a new blog...

So, I had my presentation yesterday arvo. Think it turned out alright, as far as I can tell. Props to Dave, Pris, Kee, Vv and Mags for turning up to support me. Thanks guys, you rock!! :D

So, I turned up around half an hour early, and Mike was giving his presentation. The poor guy, you could tell he was soooo nervous. He kept stammering, and searching for words, and his slides were a little empty, I felt. But at the end of the day, his natural charm kinda helped carry him through, and he managed to convey everything he wanted to say, and I suppose that's the main point of the whole excercise.

Another guy went after Mike, and he talked about Solar powered vehicles, then it was my turn. I think I did okay; didn't screw up majorly, but nothing out of the ordinary. Definitely not one of my best presentations, but far from my worst, y'know? Again, props to all my friends for showing, especially Dave who took the time to come, then had to rush off halfway to go to work.

I have this tendency to talk faster than normal when I'm giving presentations, and this in turn sometimes causes me to stammer, so I was really trying to control my talking speed throughout the presentation. Robyne mentioned that I should have taken in more of the room instead of focusing on her, and that's a very justified point I sometimes forget. Especially when it's a marked presentation, I tend to focus more on the marker, and this may make the rest of the crowd feel left out. Gotta remember that.

So anyway, talked to Robyne after the presentation, and she was really nice in giving me an extension on the reports till Monday. Absolute lifesaver. I've been working on the curriculum package since last Saturday, and it's really been running my life recently. I should be able to finish up most of it by this evening, then do the formatting and editorial stuff tomorrow.

Besides the curriculum package, I'm also supposed to do a write up on my experiences and lessons learnt and so on. I actually managed to negotiate to do this in the form of a blog instead of a normal report. Those interested can watch the blog take form here. There's basically only one post on it at the moment, but I'll be adding more over the weekend.

This blog is designed to present my experiences in the form of a journal. Bear in mind that it's been a few months since the start of the elective, so this isn't actually a blow-by-blow account of what happened, but rather a fictional account based on my experiences.

Anyway, I set the new blog up late yesterday arvo, then Itchy (:P) came into the office, having just finished her exam. She bummed around the office for a while (as usual) while I continued to work on my curriculum package, until we were chased out by the security guard (the mean one, yesterday) at 7+.

Interesting note: The mean security guard seems slightly less mean recently. Itchy thinks it might be because she's been giving him dirty looks, hahaha. I still prefer the nice guard though.

After we were kicked out, I walked with Itchy back to her place at MonashAccom. First time I've actually been inside. It's actually quite a nice place: single room, fully furnished 'cept for kitchen stuff. Quite spacious. I wouldn't mind a bachelor pad like that. Only thing is that it's really quite a rip-off. It's nice, but not worth the price.

She also passed me the office keys, since she's heading off to Lorne(sp?) today, and I'll probably want to do my work in the office over the weekend. The silly girl's only coming back to melb on tuesday morning, and she's flying back to Bn on Tuesday night! After a vigorous and spirited debate, we decided that she should come back on Monday so that we can go for dinner on Monday night. While I'll probably still be able to see her when she stops over between Bn and Aussie, it's actually quite sad that we won't be able to hang out anymore.

I'm really gonna miss all my melbie friends when I go back. I'm starting to feel like Jan (whom we still miss, btw!)...

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