Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Mish-mash Mix-em-ups

Man, I screwed up pretty badly this time.

If you've read the second-last post (or actually, y'know, talk to me), you probably know that my last exam is over, but I've got 2 reports and a presentation due this week. They're pretty much all for the teaching gig I was doing over this past semester, teaching Dreamweaver at one of the local primary schools.

Well, the reports haven't been going very well. I'm basically supposed to do a write-up on my entire teaching experience, which I haven't even started yet. That one's the easy one. I've been busy with the other one, which is to develop a curriculum package for whatever I was teaching (web design). Think of it as a teacher's handbook. The main problem is, it's so much easier teaching web design than it is trying to explain to someone who knows nothing about web design to teach web design. It's like trying to write-up a whole instruction manual. Suffice to say, it's been going very slowly.

But that's not even the part where I screwed up. See, I thought the reports were due in on Monday and the presentation was on Friday (you know where I'm going...). There was no way I could hand in the reports on Monday, so I figured I'd hand them in when I give my presentation. I would probably get a penalty for it, but that can't really be helped.

Well, I just found out (a few hours ago) that I got the dates mixed up. The reports are due on Friday, and the presentation was supposed to be yesterday. Which I didn't attend. And I only realised after my supervisor emailed me asking where the hell I was and why didn't I turn up (she actually phrased it much better than I did, but you get the point). Thankfully, she managed to slot me in for Thursday arvo.

Man, this is just so depressing...
(Well, not really, but you get my point. I hope.)

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