Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Intel's new CPU architecture

AnandTech, reporting straight from the current Intel Developer Forum, has released an article with news about Intel's new microprocessor architecture.

Performing an about-turn from their previous strategy of producing processors with ever-increasing clock-cycles, Intel CEO Paul Otellini revealed the new microprocessors during his keynote. These new CPUs demonstrate Intel's new "performance/watt" ideology and unify Intel's mobile and desktop architectures for the first time.

Otellini showcased the first three CPUs to be built on Intel's next-generation architecture: Merom (mobile), Conroe (desktop) and Woodcrest (server). All three versions sport a 65nm dual-core 64 bit architecture. Merom was used to show the presentation, and ran 64bit Windows XP, Conroe was running Fedora Linux, and Woodcrest ran Windows Server 2003. Otellini is quoted as claiming Conroe will five times the performance/watt compared to current generation Intel desktop chips.

This new focus on lower power consumption and hence lower heat emmissions may (hopefully) pave the way for the "handtop", a new mobile computing platform, which may finally perform the role the TabletPC was supposed to.

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