Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Hmph. Today was largely another wasted day. After going through my newsfeeds in the morning, I then went on to read through my research material (surprising as that may be). Unfortunately, I forgot to watch the clock. Before I knew it, it was 12+...and I had a lecture at 11...

I..heheh..decided to skip the lecture since I would have missed nearly 3/4 of it anyway. This is really quite horrible. I have only 4 hours of lecture a week, and here I go missing 2 of them. Dammit. Well, guess I'll just have to go grab notes from Rick or Yogen.

So anyway, I decided to go to uni. Stopped by faculty to look for Bruce, who's my thesis supervisor. I sent him an email last wednesday/thursday about creating the questionaire for the thesis and he has yet to reply. Apparently, he's away till Wednesday, which is weird 'cuz he said he's be back from his conference last Friday. What does "away till Wednesday" mean, anyway? So, is he back on Wednesday or Thursday? Stupid language...

Popped by the faculty office to see Helen, the Academic Advisor, who made me fill out a form to shift some credits around so I can graduate this semester, than spoke to Michelle, the receptionist. She has no idea where Bruce is, either. -sighz-

Went over to MUISS and mucked about on the MUISS computer for a while. Tried to load more photos onto my photoalbum, but the MUISS computer wouldn't allow me to install the thingamajig upload tool. That just totally blows 'cuz my home connection's been crawling like a sloth the entire month. So I guess you won't be seeing any photos from me anytime soon.

Went downstairs to Meeting Point and got some lunch, then had a chat with mei, Rong, Wendy and her friend. Talked a bit about SAM (the club) and the upcoming ball, and bitched about some guy called Keith. (Don't worry, not you. Some other Keith. :P) Their booth duty started soon after, so I headed back up to MUISS. Had a chat with Danny over a smoke, talking about both MUISS and non-MUISS stuff.

I reached home around 1430 and bummed around some more, chatting with Janz online. Then I made the stupid decision to go take a nap. It was stupid because I was supposed to meet Janz after her work at 1800 to go to the gym. In my defense, I did set my clock for 1650 and ask her to call me when she got off work at 5...

As luck would have it, I slapped off the alarm thinking Janz would call me (plus I was a lil' too sleepy to care), but for some reason, she couldn't get through to my mobile. So I only got up close to 1900 when she was nearly home from the gym... Sorry, Janz!!!!!! ^^;;

After waking up, I bummed around a little more, then decided to write a review on GDS2 (below). Started feeling slightly hungry after that, so went to San Remo and got a take-away of spaghetti marinara.

Right now, I'm wondering why Thunderbird isn't downloading my newsfeeds, grumbling at the extreme tortise-like fleetfootedness of the net connection and teaching Pris how to grab a screen shot, all while typing this out.

Who says guys can't multi-task? :P

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