Wednesday, August 24, 2005


If Google decided to release its own instant messaging service (like msnM, AIM, ICQ, Y!M etc.), what would it be called? GTalk? Gawk?

Tech sites all over have been abuzz for a few hours now about the possibility of Google releasing its own IM service. The grape vine has it that it will be announced on Wednesday, US time, and will be called "Google Talk".

It all started when sites like SlashDot and ThreadWatch posted news that was running Jabber and listening on port 5222. Then, as the mass media picked up the thread, it started appearing on news sites like the LA Times and MSNBC, sometimes even citing "unnamed sources familiar with the service" (whatever...).

But before you get overly-excited, bear in mind one simple fact: up till now it's still a rumour; Google has yet to admit or deny anything. Which is actually the reason I didn't originally want to blog about this yet.

Hmmm...I originally wanted to talk a little more about the possibilities of such a move by Google, but apparently it's already 6.30 am, and I've got to get ready to go teach. I'll post more about this when I have time. Meanwhile, treat this as a heads up. ;)

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Theresa said...

Heyla, Gav! Just thought I'd give you a shout out. Hope all is well in your world!