Friday, September 09, 2005

The million dollar homepage

Quite a bit of press coming in the last couple of days about the million dollar homepage. I have to admit it's quite a brilliant scheme: advertisers pay US$1 for each pixel they want to advertise on, and there's a million pixels for sale, cut up into 10x10 chunks (i.e. $100 per block).

The site was started by an English bloke, Alex Tew, to "pay his way through college". To quote off the site FAQ:
First and foremost, if I make enough money, I will pay my way through University. That includes 3 years worth of tuition fees, accomodation fees, textbooks etc, and [god forbid] - having a social life!

After that, I would like to pay for my parents to have some time off because they work so hard and they deserve a break. I would like to return some of the support they have given me over all these years.

Thirdly... socks! I definitely need some new socks. Whenever I buy new ones they seem to disappear, or they disintegrate. So I want to buy some really expensive, long-lasting socks.

Finally... if I reach the $1m target and still have money left over after buying my swanky new socks, then I have a couple of interesting business ideas I would love to invest some money in. So watch this space!

He's sold 39 blocks at the time of writing, but it's likely many more will be go. He's said the site will stay up for at least 5 years. Worth checking out, if just for kicks.

As is typical, there are already a few imitations up on the web, like the million penny homepage, but this one appears to be the original. The one dollar homepage also attempts at an interesting twist to the idea.



ODHP said...


Thanks for the mention. The MDHP is a great, viral idea. No wonder people are taking the idea and running with it!


Anonymous said...

Another one, nice to look at and not so crowded yet

Anonymous said...

Here's a guy trying to raise money to buy a new home by selling ad space:

Anonymous said...

Not just a million dollar homepage, but a BETTER MILLION DOLLAR HOMEPAGE! :)

Kelvin Foo said...

The Online Market Place!!!

Christian N. Abad said...

Check out - they offer a FREE 100 by 100 pixel "tool tip image" with the purchase of your ad, which acts like a billboard for your site! They are also currently offering their pixels for 50% off, or $50 USD for a 100 pixel block.