Saturday, September 03, 2005

From Mambo to Joomla

Mambo, one of the most popular content management system (CMS) packages available, experienced difficulties recently when the development team left en-masse from Miro International, the company that founded and commercialised the Mambo project.

The development team stated disagreements with Miro over the governing of the software and the control of its intellectual property, while Miro insisted the dev team had been attempting a power grab. Whatever the reasons for the parting, it is the results that interest me.

Miro has since transferred all intellectual property rights of Mambo over to the Mambo Foundation, which was originally created to manage the Mambo project. They have also started a recruitment drive for a new development and forum moderation team.

The multi-award-winning original Mambo development team (which just last month beat the Firefox team at the LinuxWorld Expo to win "Best Open Source Solution") have created a new entitiy called Open Source Matters, and have developed a new CMS called Joomla!, of which version 1.0 is based on version of Mambo. Joomla! is governed by the General Public License (GPL) like Mambo, which basically allows anyone to modify, redistribute and use its code.

Read: C|net (split, Joomla)

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