Sunday, May 07, 2006

Out and about

Got dragged along to a flea market with Janz yesterday. =P In all fairness, it was quite interesting...if I'd been a girl. ;) Apparently they hold it three times a year, so we might go back again next time, maybe with oaks in tow.

Some pictures:

After the flea market, we met up with oaks at The Cathay to catch Paradise Now, which, may I add, is a pretty dang'd fantastic show. Well, at least to oaks and me. Janz didn't like it as much, but then again, what does she know? =P Anyway, go watch it. Now!

After the movie, janz managed to convince the two of us to go checl out the Butter Factory club, where she was meeting a friend of hers. Of course, with Janz leading the way, we kind of got lost for quite a long while. We managed to take some nice shots, though:

After walking around for a while, we decided to stop, sit in the middle of a bridge and take pictures:

So anyway, we finally located the place. It was not half bad. Music was kinda old school R&B. It was only about half full when we went in, but started getting pretty packed after a while. Here's the place from across the river, and some interior shots:

We originally planned to leave around 1am, mostly because we were a little tired, and I had to get up early today, but we kinda got into the swing of things and ended up leaving at around 2.

All in all, a pretty full day. Took one last pic before grabbing a cab home:

After our "Lost" experience today, we're thinking of meeting up regularly just to get Lost and walk around taking photos. Heh. See how it goes.

Oh yeah, speaking of movies, Oaks and I caught The Sentinel on Friday night. I had to practically drag her to the cinema and she was griping all the way. =P But even she had to admit that it was a pretty good flick. So yeah, go catch Paradise Now and the Sentinel. =)

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